How We Choose to Sponsor  a Mission

There are so many awesome opportunities to do good works in our neighborhood, our town, and way beyond! 

So how does the Garber Mission Committee decide who to support? The following filter is our guideline; 

all our current projects have been evaluated with this process.

Faith Based:

Is the mission of the organization and/or project clearly based on Christian teachings and/or values?

And/or does it involve personnel that emanate faith?

Is the organization/project’s vision consistent with the core values of Garber United Methodist Church. 

Do No Harm:

The organization/project should work continually toward improvement of its purpose and structure in order to promote independence and/or community interdependence rather than continued dependency of its beneficiaries. 

Does the organization/project do for another what they could do for themselves?


Does the organization/project do all in its power to ensure the utmost safety of its volunteers? 

Are their efforts compatible with Garber UMC’s Safe Sanctuary policies?

Fiscal Requirements:

Is the program/organization fiscally responsible?

What percentage of its funds are used for administration (looking for <15%)?

Is there disclosure of other financial resources? 

Does it receive government funding?

New Opportunities:

For a new funding opportunity we must ask if the mission is already being fulfilled through some other organization currently receiving support through Garber UMC.