It isn't the staff that does the most work of the church, it is the people. 

From serving in a committee to volunteering around the campus, there are many opportunities for lay leadership. 

Opportunities to Serve

If you are interested in learning what your

Spiritual Gifts are, please contact the

Church Office and request a

Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  

Once you have completed it, return it to the church, 

so that we can help you plug into ministry areas.

Here is a sampling of areas in which you can use your Spiritual Gifts to the glory of God.

The Church Office can be contacted

at 637-4022 or


Want to know more about MISSIONS? Click here! 

Want to know more about WORSHIP?  Click here!  

Want to know more about TEACHING?  Click here! 

Want to know more about STEPHEN MINISTRY?  Click here!

These are just a few areas to serve...if you want to dig deeper, contact the Church Office at 637-4022.